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Godaddy Website Builder Coupon

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Instantly download Microsoft Office 2016. Get your product sent right to your inbox within seconds. Buy and Download now
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Microsoft Office 2016


Microsoft Office is a tool which is used across a wide range of organizations – ranging from businesses to universities. In order to make things easier for you, Office 2016 has been designed as an innovative and intuitive package which simplifies sharing and collaborative tasks and improves its overall versatility.

Furthermore, you will be able to conveniently use it from your PC, Mac, tablet, or even mobile device.


The first feature which is worth mentioning is the integration of new ribbon buttons, where you can seamlessly archive documents using the straightforward Archive button.

Moreover, it’s hard to not appreciate a company which is constantly looking for feedback on how to improve their products and services - now you can make your own suggestion with a simple click.

Another imposing feature displayed by Office 2016 is Mentions - considerably different than anything integrated before, Mentions allows you to quickly interact with a member of your team, staff, or group by adding the @ symbol and the first few letters of that person’s name. This is an easier way than sending an e-mail, meant for quick questions, comments and much more.


Excel was lacking the ability to import data from various databases and now this is no longer the case. This can be done with ease by selecting the right folder or databases from a drop-down box which is available to you.


Office 2016 is more comprehensive than ever, including a new tool called Researcher. As the name suggests, Researcher can be viewed as an intuitive tool which can be used for university paper writing or even business-related research on a specific topic.

All you need to do is include the term which you’re looking for and then the results will be displayed on the right side of the page. This is where you can add headings or create citing results easily, especially since you don’t need to switch tabs hundreds of times.

Additionally, Word would not be complete without letting you share documents and feedback without difficulty. In fact, both Word and PowerPoint have now seamlessly integrated collaboration features where you can see small comments from your colleagues.

Moreover, don’t forget about the Activity button which shows everything that has happened with your document.


Many teachers, students, or work colleagues are prone to highlighting important parts of a document, article, or future meeting point. If this makes your life easier, it’s good to know that you can now do the same in PowerPoint 2016 where you are able to choose different colors to highlight important points.


Office 2016 appears as an intuitive tool which builds upon the previous versions created by Microsoft. Taking into account former feedback, this comprehensive package resolves many issues addressed by customers and makes collaborative tasks simpler than ever.

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